Accelerating the Micromobility revolution.

We are building the leading tech stack for the micromobility industry that will finally make riding safe for all, accessible to all, smart and always fun.

Introducing IRAS™, the first Intelligent Rider Assistant System™

Powered by vision and artificial intelligence, IRAS™ connected platform delivers a unique portfolio of safety features, connectivity services and data solutions for next-gen Light Electric Vehicles manufacturers, fleet and rideshare operators.

Augmented riding is now!

Safety for all

  • Protects riders from other road users and hazards with a suite of passive riding assistance and collision warnings systems
  • Protects pedestrians from dangerous riding behaviors with a suite of active on-board regulatory compliance capabilities

Advanced Connectivity  

  • Secures bikes from theft and damages with a video-based guardian mode
  • Redefines the riding experience with safe infotainment and navigation features and new connected services.

Ride intelligence  

  • Empowers manufacturers, fleet & rideshare operators with advanced analytics and real-time visual intelligence
  • Distributes critical data-driven insights to the entire mobility ecosystem with an open platform

The ride of the future is connected and intelligent.

It’s all about software and data.

To handle the vast amount of data IRAS™ senses, learns from and shares, IRAS™ tech stack unites all the hardware, software stack - including our Connected bike OS - cloud and mobile app into one compact and customizable connected platform.

One platform connected to everything.

Unlimited possibilities for our partners.


Adapts to any kind of Light Electric Vehicle operated in any mode, be it personal, fleet or shared


Accelerates the development of software-defined innovations shortening the time to market and expediting global scalability


Allows for highly customizable solutions, from basic bike video-surveillance to the most advanced sensors-based safety and compliance features or connectivity and data-driven services


Seamlessly connects to the entire mobility ecosystem including third-party fleet, rideshare, digital insurance and cities platforms


Future-proof hardware and software already testing V2X connectivity and ready to embrace the future of 5G as well as radar and lidar sensors technologies


Meets functional safety, cybersecurity and EU & US data privacy standards

The 3 pillars of

IRAS™ artificial intelligence


“See and sense” cars before they “don’t see” us -riders- was the foundational element of developing IRAS™. On-board cameras and the fusion with other sensors and sources of data is at the core of IRAS™ to protect riders and pedestrians, secure bikes, provide visual intelligence to operators and capture fun ride footage.


Big data is at the center of IRAS™. By leveraging Machine learning, IRAS™ will take Micromobility to the next level by speeding up product design, deliver new and safe exciting riding experiences, optimize maintenance and so much more.


The Micromobility revolution will drive major changes in the mobility ecosystem. By distributing data analytics, IRAS™ will support the planning of new and better cycle lanes, decrease the costs of insurance premiums -finally-. And more.

We are iRider,

we are riders.

We are an AI-software company based in Le Mans, France - building on decades of experience in technology and riding. We are pioneering personal rider assistance, enabling the transition to the software-defined Light Electric Vehicles that will power the future of safe, green and sustainable urban mobility.

iRas™ sets a new bar for safety with a data-driven approach.

By constantly fusing bike data with mapping and multiple other sources of data, IRAS™ can predict the risk in real-time and keep riders informed and aware at all time. And if necessary, warn them in case of an immediate collision risk. After the ride, IRAS™ becomes a personal riding coach that makes key recommendations to improve the next ride.

We call it
the virtuous data cycle


  • Keeps riders informed in real-time to avoid dangerous roads, hazards, poor infrastructure, car traffic, adverse weather and more


  • Provides full contextual awareness of the surroundings, including other road users, pedestrians, speed limits, junctions, bumpers, potholes and more, so riders can adjust their speed, trajectory and positioning before the risk happens


  • Warnings provide riders the time to react to imminent collision risks with sensors-based passive safety systems or even autonomous in the case of non-compliant shared or fleets rides


  • Empowers riders with riding scoring analysis and key recommendations to learn and improve the next ride.